Conference Fast-Track

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Taking a paper from rejection to a successful publication has never been so simple. We connect you with an alternative conference that is interested in your paper, all you have to do is submit a revised version using EAI’s fast-track option.


The EAI Conference Fast-Track is a service that fast-tracks submissions to a relevant alternative conference. We recognize that a number of papers are rejected, not because they fail to meet the quality criteria for publication, but due to strict acceptance rates that our conferences adhere to, or an imperfect match of scope.

Receiving a rejection notification does not have to be a dead end, instead we view it as an opportunity to match the paper with a suitable publication avenue. The reviewer feedback often presents just the right constructive commentary to elevate the submission and get the paper accepted to a similar conference. Operating dozens of conferences annually, we cover a wide range of ICT areas, many have overlapping and complementing scopes. This gives us the capability to cherry-pick relevant alternatives for each rejected submission and minimize the amount of work our authors have to perform to get their papers published.

What to expect from the fast-track

  • After you receive the rejection notification, your paper will be inspected and the title, abstract and average score is shared with chairs of relevant alternative conference(s)
  • You receive email information with the alternative conference that is interested in your paper, once a match is made
  • Work on revisions based on the reviewer feedback until a resubmission deadline
  • Submit the updated paper, sit back and wait for notifications

Why it works

We designed an effortless resubmission system that presents a relevant publication avenue within a couple of days from the notification. The new conference is matched based on scope and topic of the paper, as well as the timeliness of the upcoming submission deadlines of EAI conferences in the relevant field. The paper title, abstract, review scores and comments are considered by a dedicated member of the EAI team to determine suitable avenues for publication. We work closely with the General Chairs of our conferences and involve them in the process to increase the matching accuracy and likelihood of the papers’ acceptance after they are fast tracked to the new conference. Once an alternative has been identified, authors receive an email containing information about the fast-track conference and instructions. Of course, the final decision on whether to process with the full submission lies with the authors.