Demo & Exhibits Chair

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Takes one of the leading roles in enriching the technical program of the conference.

Recommended steps:

1. In order to start the Demos and Exhibits process:

  • Defines Call for Demos and Call for Exhibits
  • Communicates with Local Chair and EAI Venue Manager on hotel space/display
  • Coordinates with Program Chair in order to create Demos Track in Confy

2. In order to attract high-quality submissions:

  • Participates in the dissemination efforts
  • Identifies potential exhibitors that support conference objectives

3. In order to start the review process:

  • In Confy:
    • Following plagiarism check, validates all submissions
    • Moves Stage to Paper Assignment after all submissions are validated
    • Assigns every submission to a TPC Member

4. In order to finish the review process:

  • In Confy:
    • Supervises the upholding of review conditions dependent on publication
    • Moves stage to Decision & Notification after the Review deadline
    • Determines the acceptance rate and assures the quality of accepted submission and makes Preliminary/Final Decision
    • Sends the acceptance notification

5. Final on-site arrangements:

  • Allocates specific stalls, only after receipt of payment is due