Publicity Chair

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Maximizes the outreach and impact of conference publicity and promotion.

Recommended steps:

  • Disseminates the conference Calls among local communities, relevant institutions, to personal mailing lists,
    at relevant events, and through social media regularly
  • Ensures quality and consistency of Call for Papers and Call for Participation
  • Develops mailing lists to be used in coordination with EAI’s Community Manager
  • publish the Call for Papers at popular online aggregators, such as WikiCFP, ConferenceAlerts, Papercrowd, and others
  • Develops new publicity channels, mainly with the use of social media
  • Defines publicity messages

EAI will:

  • Disseminate Calls for Papers (three times)
  • Disseminate Call for Participation (two times)

Dissemination calls are sent to EAI’s own database of researchers with a special focus on past participants of this conference or other related research venues, researchers specializing on the thematic area of your conference, and the geographical region.
It is crucial that Publicity chairs complement this activity with their own publicity push.